Unlucky Bamboo

Poor lucky bamboo. Poor, poor, poor thing. What have we done to you? We have shaped you into ridiculous forms and ruined your perfectly lovely natural self. We have left you in putrid water, with stones and not a single bit of soil. Not a teaspoon. We have cut off your stalks, forced them to grow into curls and then waxed the ends to stop you from growing. You’re very unlucky.

And, one just fell in my lap.

wpid-20140212_072337.jpgoh, joy.

Now, mind you, it was in a hideously filthy jar with rocks (of course!) and, I kid you not, florist moss. A big heap of stinking florist moss. Gross. Immediately I moved him to this small pot with dirt. Ya know, plants tend to grow in dirt.

Ugh…what am I, the plant whisperer?

I already have a lucky bamboo that I took as a cutting and have been enjoying watching it grow. In dirt. In a pot.

wpid-20140215_132514.jpgLOOK I AM A REAL PLANT!

And now I have a bunch more. Well, the curly-cue at the top there just isn’t going to happen. We’re going to give him a hell of a hair cut and see if we can salvage something here.

wpid-20140215_132644.jpgclean scissors and a festive mug- tools of plant propigating

Let’s just all look at him again.


Okay, back to business, clean scissors, clean mug and let’s get trimming. We’re losing the stalks. Forget them, gross and tacky.

wpid-20140215_132713.jpgthis is where we’ll be cutting

Lop off some ends, trim some not so pretty leaves and presto!

wpid-20140215_132931.jpgwell at least somebody cared enough to root…

One of my unluckies had roots on him, so I left him mostly alone. But I did peel off some gross leaves. Now to artfully arrange then in the mug…

wpid-20140215_133100.jpgthis coffee is terrible. who the hell is the cook?

And a heaping helping of sunshine and water:

wpid-20140215_133119.jpgi can hear them screaming their gratitude

Literally the SECOND they have roots, I am going to plant them in dirt. I even have a pot waiting. I am going to move my other bamboo in with them, so they’ll all be stuck together to be real plants! How fun! I am actually interested to see what it looks like as a “real plant.” I mean, I hate the stalky fake looking stuff, but the leaves are grassy and nice. If it grows a stalk with a head of grassy leaves on it, well that would be just fine with me. Unless it starts to braid itself…

8 thoughts on “Unlucky Bamboo

  1. Wait, I thought they were supposed to be in pebbles and water! That’s what everything I read said to me. 😦 No wonder mine are dying all over the place. ;_; I thought it was just me. Okay, well… I’m gonna put them in soil as soon as I scare up some pots.

    • IT’S A LIE!!!! Well, ok, they can technically live in just water, but it’s so easy to not keep cleaned enough that it causes them not to thrive as much. Also, the nutrients in soil help a lot. Pot ’em up! You’ll be pleased with the results!

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