Playing in the Worm Bin

Just went down stairs to check on them and feed them. Took some pictures for you to enjoy!

wpid-20140205_111221.jpgnot much going on with the pair of jeans. kind of disappointed.

wpid-20140205_111128.jpgwas a pineapple.

wpid-20140205_111629.jpgsomething trying to grow

wpid-20140205_111137.jpggarlic trying to grow

wpid-20140205_111709.jpgbaby worm!

wpid-20140205_111544.jpgit’s not ripe anymore.

wpid-20140205_111302.jpgmess o worms

wpid-20140205_111343.jpgwe like pineapple!

wpid-20140205_111442.jpgand eggshells!

wpid-20140205_111903.jpgworm egg

wpid-20140205_111246.jpgit’s a party

wpid-20140205_111400.jpgnow back to work! eat my garbage!!!

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