How To Start A Hobby From Scratch (there’s a prize at the end)

wpid-20140105_151935.jpglet’s start with a picture of my greyhound pondering my eventual murder while wearing a sweater…

All the time people ask me:

“How did you learn how to ________?”



Not just for:

a cat in a shark costume on a roomba chasing a duckling…


wpid-storageemulated0GOSMSDownloadPART_1379180553238_IMG956823.jpg.jpeg.jpegterrible #selfies complete with digitally added makeup because daddy doesn’t let you wear makeup, my friend made this for me. I AM PHOTOSHOPPED AS PRETTY AS I FEEL!!!!!!

Indeed, I learned a lot of my hobbies with the help of the internet.

But the internet is a messy place. A very messy place. All links posted on this blog are SFW unless noted and you will enjoy them, promise.

i also love the blues. it will make your soul hurt.

So, how do you get started? Well, pick something! A several years ago I decided (in October, how appropriate!) I wanted to do a container garden at my apartment. This was long before I moved in with my fiance. I figured, since it was October I had more than enough time to learn how not to kill plants. After a ton of research, I came across vermicomposting. Worm farming. Baby Jesus, that was so up my alley I fell into it drunk and woke up throwing up rainbows. It had never occurred to me that I, Brittany Mary, could have my very own herd of worms in my basement. I love worms. Don’t ask why. I don’t even know. It might be from fishing as a young child with my uncles, or the first time someone told me that kitchen scraps can be turned into dirt as a young child. I still remember the first time I saw a compost pile and I remember it was the most fascinating thing to an 8 year old tomboy.Β  I was hooked on the idea of vermicompost. And is served two purposes.

1.) I could literally start doing this now (remember, it was October) and

2.) It would keep me busy while I was working and researching container gardens and

3.) I could use it in my container garden.

BOOM! Let’s do this thing!

So how do we start?

I have boiled down my “method,” if you will allow me the indulgence, for people who have decided they want to do SOMETHING but they don’t know where to start.

1. Pick Something!

What have you always wanted to try? What have you done before, but stopped doing for whatever reason? Are you passionate about food? Animals? Do you want to make things so you spend less money? What do you want? Do you know someone who does something you want to do? Heck, Google random ehow sites until something trips your trigger.

2. Get on the internet!

Research your topic. Type it into Google. Check out pages dedicated to your chosen hobby. These people are amazing, trust me. If you’re not having the best luck, try Googling your topic and look for forums.Β  The forums will give you real, hands on, less OMGGUYSCHECKOUTMYPHOTOSHOPPEDIMAGEZZZZONPINTEREST*

*I despise pinterest I want to see what YOU DID, not what you saw someone else DO.


Now you need a book. You need all books. I love books. I want to read them all.

wpid-20140204_091440.jpgbook porn.

wpid-20140204_091452.jpgdrool.wpid-20140204_091540.jpgunder my sewing machine. the books are taking over.

I read fast. And I love to read. I can knock out several books in a week. I cannot necessarily afford several books a week. However, behold, the magic of your local library! They usually have the Interlibrary Loan program where you can request books. Request as many as you can.

ledbelly break. Goodnight, Irene

Get every book on your topic. Some will be not so great, some will be amazing. Use to check out the reviews or get book suggestions. Request them via Interlibrary Loan. Read them, love them, buy the ones you love the most. Learn everything you can before you start.

4. Use your imagination

Think about what you want to do. When are you going to do it? How much time will you have? What tools do you need? What will it look like? What is your budget? Imagine yourself doing your project. What space do you need? Where are you going to put it when you’re not using it? This stuff is important. If you don’t feel like you have the time or money right now, you can always put it on the back burner before you invest money and time into it.

john the revelator. your soul will bleed.

5. Go shopping!

Buy or borrow what you need. Do you need flower pots? Ask around if anyone has some in their garage. I got about 40 clay pots that way. A blender? Got that free too. My brother and I have gotten SEVERAL tvs this way. Thrift stores, estate sales, hit them up! Get your tools. Ebay. Craigslist. Freecycle. Or the store. Whatever you prefer, get all the tools you need. No need to get fancy, but be prepared.


NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It’s Hole, of course there’s cursing.

Do it! Give it a swing. Give it the ol’ college try. Practice makes perfect. Plan out. Do. If some idiot in the midwest of the USA


who can barely walk into the room and not explode into farts can do things, you can too! Try. Try hard. Work hard. Fail. Try again. Don’t give up! Google it again. Read your books. Do it. Just f*cking do it. I know you can.

a reward for reading, Shave ‘Em Dry by Lucille Bogan. Written and recorded in the 30’s. NOT SAFE FOR WORK.


the crabs walk in like PEOPLE?!?!?!?!?!?!

14 thoughts on “How To Start A Hobby From Scratch (there’s a prize at the end)

  1. Heeeey! You stole my “method”. ^_^ Srsly, it is the best way learn thing nowadays. I like your style (except the blues, I like the blues, but it’s not my thing for inspiration).

    I do like Pinterest though for getting ideas. Not the greatest place to learn how to do them, but a good place for inspiration.

    • I can’t tell you how many times people ask me how I learned something. I mean, WE HAVE THE INTERNET. IT’S NOT JUST ALL PORN. There is literally everything on the internet, ever. I could spend hours and get so much information my head hurts.

      I got sick of “new” music so I spent a ton of time listening to old country, blues, bluegrass. Now I can’t get enough of it. I love that grainy, poorly recorded vibe. You just can’t replicate that.

      Oh, Pinterest! I know what you mean. Everyone keeps telling me I have to go on it and I just can’t. Every time I am looking for inspiration, I feel like Pinterest is my dead end. Here’s a picture that has been photoshopped and somebody else did it. I mean, I get it. I can understand why people love it. There is some amazing ideas out there. It’s just not for me!

      • I hear you, I have two nieces in their twenties who are constantly telling me how bored they are, and I keep telling them that they have the whole world at their fingertips. Learn something.

        Some people don’t want to learn though, they want to be taught. It’s a completely different concept.

      • Sometimes I think it’s not even wanting to be taught. I have three friends who have repeatedly asked me to teach them to crochet. Ok, I give them simple instructions: Buy the ugliest yarn you can and a 5 mm hook. Come over. They are all excited until the “come over and do it” part. There’s a learning curve. I am as honest as possible. In crochet, you have to learn the stitches. You have to “become the machine.” Muscle memory. That’s the best way I can explain it. You’ll make blobs until one day POOF! you get it down. Practice! It will happen, you just have to keep on keeping on!

  2. Right? Some people want to crochet/knit beautiful lace from the get-go and I keep telling them, “Ya gotta master the single stitch first, then double, then the combination, and eventually you’ll be doing lace. Walk… then run.” But some people have no patience.

    • Ugh! I know! I used to run a lot. Like 6 miles a couple days a week until I injured my knee in a semi-unrelated incident. I know people who “could never run that far.” Seriously, I was the fat girl in high school who couldn’t run a mile. Did I just start running six miles? No! Now as I am recovering, I am barely clocking 4 miles a week. Five minutes walk, five minutes run until I feel like I can do more. One day, hopefully soon, I will be right back at it. But today is not that day. Maybe tomorrow or next week. Patience, learn, grow! Don’t push yourself too far, but don’t wuss out. Ugh! Thanks for ranting with me! πŸ˜€

  3. What’s that saying? “I tried exercising once, but found I was allergic. My skin flushed, my heart raced, I got sweaty and out of breath. Very dangerous.” ^_^ I’m not “allergic” to exercise, but my body seems to not like it. Every time I lose pounds (and I lost 80!), it comes up with a new way to keep me immobile. Right now, it’s this whole breathing thing. I like breathing, but my body doesn’t want me to do it. Me and the doctors are working on it. ^_^

    • Oh no! Ugh, I hope you get that worked out soon. That is terrible! I can’t imagine. Honestly, I hope you get better soon. There is nothing more miserable than being sick. 😦

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