Wee Little Updates!

Good afternoon, everyone!

wpid-20140129_142203.jpgthis pin cushion is older than I am

A few things since I last posted:

I finally managed to haul myself and my injured knee to the gym for a run. It’s much better than it was and I did a whole MILE. My knee is much better. Annoying still, but much better. Hopefully I can get to at least a couple miles a day next week. Ugh. Take care of your knees!

Also, I got a paying gig to make a cushion for a chair for a friend of mine. She bought the chair for her makeup area and as it is clearly metal and not big on comfort, she would like a cushion.

wpid-2014013195101139.jpgit’s a really awesome very uncomfortable chair!!

So I bought some yarn for her and since she lives, oh, gee, about an hour away we spent at least 20 minutes sending yarn pictures back and forth. She selected this:

wpid-20140131_133847.jpgone of my favorites. good ole hobby lobby generic acrylic yarn. can’t go wrong!

I also bought some fabric for a tunic and a skirt:

wpid-20140131_133824.jpgrespectively. those are so loud i had to turn down my hearing aid. not to be worn at the same time.

Also, my romaine continues to attempt to join the plant hoard:

wpid-20140131_134935.jpgi’m real!

And I bought some beautiful free range pet chicken eggs from a good friend of mine. When your eggs are this beautiful and made by happy chickens, who can resist?



Last, but indeed not least, I made myself a pair of work pants, in black. Forgive my stupid pose. I am not good at taking pictures of my pants. Again, they are a bit big. I swear, the only sewing tip I apparently picked up from my grandma was:

wpid-20140129_153535.jpgMAKE EVERYTHING TOO BIG JUST IN CASE.

That’s it for now, while my fabric washes, I am off to the gym to try another mile. Hopefully two. We shall see! Wish me luck! 😀


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