Homemade Almond Milk (for baking…or drinking…)

Ok guys! Quick and dirty while my bread rises, I made almond milk today for the recipe. I’m going to show you how I did that.

I personally don’t like cow milk and find that store bought almond milk tastes…weird…so does soy, rice and coconut. It’s weird. Don’t believe me? Whip up a homemade batch and give it a taste test!

Here we go! This is strictly going to be used for baking, so I did not flavor it, strain it or make much of it. If you were to drink it, I would suggest you strain it with a cheese cloth and be prepared for some possible chunks. Don’t choke, for Heaven’s sake!

I use a quarter cup of almonds per cup of water. It makes about a cup. If you want to make more, well use more water and more almonds! Also you can flavor it with vanilla, honey, cinnamon, pinch of salt, whatever you prefer. Mix, taste, mix and I am sure you will be please with the results.

To store this, it lasts about three days in the fridge. When I was using “milk” more often, I would make a larger batch and freeze it into ice cubes. When I ran low, I would thaw out the ice cubes over night into a carafe.

Step one:

1 Cup of water

1/4 Cup almonds

wpid-20140127_085041.jpgthis is complex

Step 2:

Put in pot and boil almonds for about a minute or so.

wpid-20140127_085107.jpgwe’re swimming!

wpid-20140127_085723.jpgand it’s getting warm…

Optional Step 3:

Place in fridge overnight, soaking in the water. I skipped this because I needed it now and again, I am not drinking it, it’s going right into bread!

Step 4:

Strain almonds

wpid-20140127_085805.jpgthey will plump up a bit

Optional Step 5:

Peel almonds. I usually don’t because they often go directly into a smoothie and the reasoning is that the skin makes them bitter. I haven’t really noticed a difference, skin on or off. Since I am making whole wheat bread, I decided I should peel them.

wpid-20140127_090242.jpgroll them between your fingers, this step doesn’t take very long, so don’t be afraid.

wpid-20140127_090704.jpgbam! see? it was like instant.

Step 6:

Put in blender with the water


Step 7:

Blend the brains out of it!


Step 8:

Use in bread!

wpid-20140127_090849.jpgplease make me into bread! i’ll love you!

Or, strain it with cheese cloth, put back in the blender and add flavors to it. A bit of honey, vanilla, and salt is lovely, but whatever you like! Use it in coffee, cereal, drinking straight, whenever you would normally use milk. Honestly, the whole process can be done in less than 15 minutes, so whip up a batch today!


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