The Mother Starter

Good morning everyone!

My mother starter is finally ready for use! Hurray!

wpid-20140125_083543.jpgpet yeast

wpid-20140125_083533.jpgfrom above

Finally! I was worried in the beginning because my starter took a very long time to get lively. Over a week of babying and watching and feeding but finally, we have a healthy group of wild yeast to bake with! I created the starter with instructions from Peter Reinhart’s Whole Grain Breads.

Mother starter, from baby starter to momma:

wpid-20140110_163210.jpgnot dreadfully exciting yet

wpid-20140122_173217.jpgstarting to rise up a bit, after I mix:

wpid-20140122_173306.jpgdeflating down. smells delicious and tangy!

After about a week of all that, rising, mixing, feeding, rising, mixing, feeding, I was ready to make an actual mother starter. Here she is when I first mixed her up:

wpid-20140124_081738.jpghappy little yeastie beasties?

wpid-20140125_083533.jpgvery happy little yeastie beasties!

I’m going to make the basic whole wheat loaf on Monday, so I will of course update you all then. Today, I am going wedding dress shopping with my friend who is getting married (I am going to make my wedding dress, so no temptation there, but maybe inspiration!) then off to an old school no cell phones allowed dinner party. Can’t wait! Busy Saturday!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! I look forward to seeing what you’ve all been up to! 😀

10 thoughts on “The Mother Starter

      • I haven’t. Yet.

        I am actually on the mission of “Sourdough starter Reboot #2”

        #1 was declared as a failure about a week ago, Gave up at the time, but decided to give it another try since if I could make one two years ago, there is no reason why I couldn’t make another starter.

      • Hmmmm…mine was kind of like that and I just kept with it. I mixed it at least twice a day. It smelled really yeasty for the most part and finally after like a week or so, it just came to life after a feeding. I also added more water than the recipe suggested, because I felt that it seemed too dry. Also I never discarded any of it either. Hmmm…well good luck with your next attempt, keep me posted!!!

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