Regrow romaine? Take One!

So I keep seeing among my craftier friends Facebook posts how to “re-grow” your romaine from the butt end of a store bought one. Out of all the things I’ve seen grow in my worm bin (garlic, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, et cetera) I have never once seen romaine try to grow. However, since I freeze my clippings first, I decided to give this a swing and try to eat it myself, instead of the worms.

Day one:

wpid-20140124_101657.jpgmakin’ a salad. a huge salad, apparently.

wpid-20140124_101745.jpgI SAY GROW NOW, DARN YOU!

wpid-20140124_101804.jpgdo you think anyone will notice it among the plant hoard? oh, look, there is a greyhound sized tennis ball hiding with the plants too.

So that’s basically it. Now we wait to see what happens!

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