Why throw away money? Cloth Napkins!

I’ve been using cloth napkins for ages, because I never got the point of buying something to throw away, like paper napkins. Born of being poor and frugal, my first out on my own adventures in adult land included buying cloth napkins, cloth diapers (for cleaning, you’d be amazed how well they work!) and a whole mess of towels. I hate buying things to throw away. I even bring them and silverware to work, despite the array of throw away napkins and cutlery provided. But now, with my new sewing machine, I can make much less expensive and much prettier ones!

wpid-20140123_083748.jpgi bought this fabric because it reminded me of my childhood. probably have something handmade somewhere by someone in the same fabric from 15 years ago…

wpid-20140123_083611.jpgthis was just pretty! i also made a matching bread towel, because normal towels are just too small for bread making.

100% cotton beautiful napkins sure impress! Can’t wait to wash them and use them!

Also, this is my wild yeast starter:


Going to make that baby into bread soon! Will keep you updated!



9 thoughts on “Why throw away money? Cloth Napkins!

    • I bought a Rachel by Baby Lock. I’m dreadfully ignorant on sewing machines, so thankfully the folks at the shop I went to helped me out a bunch! She works like a dream. Do you have pictures of yours on your blog? Post a link! I’d love to see it 😀

      • Ah yes! I was just snooping on your blog and I saw him! How fantastic! Is Obadiah behaving? I’m glad you took the time to research, this is my (technically) second sewing machine (inherited one didn’t work) and my first time using one and I am just so excited to have one! I can’t wait to see more of your projects!

      • Sadly Obi is at my parents’ house at the moment being very misbehaved. He is eating all the thread and pushing it under instead of stitching… When I get back home in 2 weeks I will have to go and trouble the (extremely helpful) shop assistant again to see what we are doing wrong here.

  1. I love your napkins! I also own my Granny’s sewing machine but it lives in the garage and I keep threatening to get it serviced/ fixed but I really don’t sew. I can, but I am waaay too yarn obsessed to consider clothes making any more. I do like your attitude to waste – snap – though we don’t compost because our food waste is collected by the council and composted municipally. My husband used to have a compost bin in the garden but it was ludicrous cos he isn’t a gardener so it just grew & never got used….

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