My First Garment: Pajama Pants

I finished my first garment, a pair of flannel pajama pants!

wpid-ResizedImage951390364098628.jpgyou’re so lucky i am not making a duck face. the black lump is a greyhound. it is always a greyhound.

I made them from a pattern from Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp. The pattern is actually for yoga pants, but I figured my first attempt should be something that, um, doesn’t need to be worn outside of the house. The upside, since they are designed to be yoga pants, is my back end looks AMAZING in them. It took my two days because I definitely took my time to get it right and not get frustrated. I didn’t want to rush it.

wpid-20140122_081934.jpgtop of pants (waist?)

wpid-20140122_081949.jpgbottom of pants (hem?)

wpid-20140122_081959.jpgdrawstring. no, i am not posting a picture of my back end! 😉

They turned out really nice, although a little big. I know I am a bit in between sizes right now (knee injury and having to take time off the gym, booooo!!!! from running about 20 miles a week to couch potato! Take care of your knees people!) so I’m somewhere between a small and a medium. Also I am really short, by the way. But again, this is why I made pajama pants, in case they were too big or needed some editing. I plan to make a “real” pair in black and already I have like 20 requests to make them for other people. So, I guess I am going to be making pants for a while!


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