And, Back to Fun Stuff

Okay, so I have been busy! I’ll give you my life story of the last few weeks in pictures I’ve taken! I also scrambled up some really cute pillows, but that’s more of a how-to post, so I’ll get to that when I’ve got a little more time to explain. Anyway, I’ve been quite busy and up to shenanigans:

wpid-20150531_115324.jpgi tie dyed some undies

wpid-20150521_135037.jpgmade some pillows out of old pillows, i’ll make a real post later

wpid-20150524_135631.jpghoarded more plants…

wpid-20150524_172936.jpgthe husband bought me purple mason jars

wpid-20150604_093015.jpgthe weeds are settling in nicely…

wpid-20150524_200145.jpgangie stole the cat bed

wpid-20150525_140808.jpgterrible roommates

wpid-img_0731.jpgwent down a really big blow up slide…

I am going to try to get to what you all have been up to! Missed you guys! If there’s anything I need to read, please post it in the comments! πŸ˜€


Big Girl Stuff

*ahoy, curse word ahead!*

Ugh, yet again I return to do another “har har har I’ve been gone sorry I am a loser” post. I’ve had some big girl stuff to deal with. Nothing that directly involves me, but stuff that I have to be a big girl about.

On that note, I’ve realized that life is short and sometimes hard and I am not letting a minute slip by. Crafting, internet and such has been put a bit on the back burner, and I have been ripping right into living it up. Nothing too wild, mind you, but I am taking full advantage of this year. So that’s where I’ve been. Lots of fart jokes. I’ve got some banal stuff to do today, like cleaning and whatnot, but I will do a for real update, just wait til you see the shenanigans I’ve been up to…

And, before I go:



Smoky Mountains Tennessee

I’M BACK. With Moonshine

Put this on:

yes, i caught a southern accent while there. omg, i’m such a damnyankee. it’s gone now, thankfully.

Anyway, we had an absolute blast! Our cabin was lovely, in the mountains, driving up/down the mountain was terrifying. You could smell the brakes. So our original plan was to get to the cabin, To Catch A Falling Star, and drop off our stuff and get some groceries. Well, getting seven flatlanders from Illinois up that kind of incline, kind of made us never want to go back down…so we ordered pizza. Pro Tip: If you order pizza, and ask the delivery driver to bring coffee grounds (we couldn’t live without it) and offer him extra tip, he totally will. Duh.


i cropped out the tourist trap area.

No one told me that Gatlinburg/Pigeon ForgeΒ was a TOURIST TRAP. Oh my Lord. It was like being at the Dells in WIS. It was ridiculous! But hey, it was fun. We did some tourist stuff.


this was a serious tourist trap, but the moonshine was delicious!

Also, we did a chair ride to catch the view:


you can see that IT’S A TRAP!

We also did some hiking, or, more accurately, rambling in the woods taking seflies and eating snacks. Let me set up the scene:

The photographer has been waiting all day for the light. His camera is set up, film is ready, now he waits. He wants a picture of a small group of falls. Just as the light gets right, seven kids (me in the trunk, btw) pile out of a car making off color jokes, eating snacks and taking selfies. He hates us.


really, I would hate us too.








So after we ruined everyone’s day at the national park…

We had a hot tub, which we used liberally and a LOT of alcohol. It was a damn fine time. My husband was “house husband” and being the only male, got a fine taste of how polygamy must be awful. Poor guy. We had a great time though! πŸ˜€

Busy, As Usual.

Okay guys, I know I’ve been boring! I’m making potholders and dodging turdnados and working at the factory (omg, we’re making a very pretty train car!) and my seedlings are behaving for the most part. Also I’ve been super stuck on The Stand by Stephen King. I’ve been riding my bike to work, which has been WONDERFUL. I feel much less crabby about work after riding a bike.

But, alas I am…


As of Thursday, I will be gone. Wi-Fi will be available, because, of course it is. I’ll only be able to post from my phone, however. Lame. Well, it would kind of be lame to be all blogging and what not when I’m out in the middle of no where, Tennessee. I need to get one of those tablet things with the keyboard and what not. THIS IS 2015 I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO LUG AROUND A LAPTOP. WHAT, DO YOU EXPECT ME TO BE A CAVEMAN AND USE AN ABACUS? HOLD ON GUYS, LET ME THROW YA’LL SOME MESSENGER PIGEONS.

That got weird. Anyway, I’ll return next week, with I am sure some updates about my trip and then I’ll hopefully have time to get some other more interesting things done.

See ya’ll on the flip side! πŸ˜€

Stash: Busted?

As long ago promised, I finished the stash busting blanket of shame! I worked an extra day this week so it was a little crazier around here than usual. Because, ya know, my life is so dull. Anyway, here we are:




quite wild.

I’m so very glad that it’s done! It was fun, I’m not going to lie, but man, it’s over! However:

The Stash Continues…

I cannot believe how much yarn I have left. Two baskets and about a half dozen mostly full skeins left over. Ridiculous how much yarn I have! So, phase two.

I, BMary, shall not buy new yarn* until I have completely gotten rid of my stash.

*excepting (1) baby blanket and anyone who offers me money to make something

God help me, I’m going to get rid of this mountain! Next on my hooks are potholders. Lots and lots of potholders. I am going to make them until it is all gone! ALL! And give them ALL away. I’ll be busy…


the beginning of the end…

Wish me luck! And if you have any stash busting suggestions, let me know! πŸ˜€

Sewing in Ends is Near.

The blanket of shame is done! Well, other than the ends. I was hoping I could show you the blanket, but there just no way I can get it done tonight. Send sweet death soon…

Enjoy my pets being silly:


Abraham reminds me to brush my teeth. He also supervises.


Angie is very proud of her new bunny.